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Immersive Technologies (LITEroom), Educational Delivery Services, PVCE, UNSW
Educational Design and Development, Educational Delivery Services, Office of the PVCE, UNSW Sydney
Digital Uplift program, Inspired Learning Initiative, UNSW 2025 Strategy
Faculty of the Built Environment (FBE), UNSW Sydney
UNSW Bookshop, UNSW Sydney
Matt Cabanag - Application Developer, LITEroom
Mr. Kaveh Tabar - Application Developer, LITEroom
Dr James Vassie - Educational Developer and Project Lead, Office of the PVCE
Tracy Huang - Academic Lead, FBE
Mark Halliday - Divisional Director (Retail), UNSW Bookshop
For more information, contact Luis (Carlos) Dominguez (l.dominguez@unsw.edu.au), Immersive Technologies Lead
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